Wood Borer Control Service

Wood Borer Control Service

Wood Borer Control Service by Lucky Pest Control

Wood furniture is very common part of every Indian home as well as office and Wood Borer is also very common part of wood furniture. Wood is food for Wood Borer it eat wood from inside and makes wood furniture useless in the end. Have you noticed that your home or office furniture is attacked by Wood Borer ? Don’t worry Lucky Pest Control is here to help you get raid from Wood Borer. We provide Wood Borer control service in Gujarat with affordable pricing and guaranteed results.
Call us on 9825751070 for free inspection at your residence or workplace and get Our unique and well designed Wood Borer Pest Control Program today.
Wood Borer control service
Wood Borer control service

Is Wood Borer harmful ?

After termite Wood Borer is second dangerous insect found around us. Like termite damage done by Wood Borer also recognized at extreme level. Whether it is hard wood furniture or soft wood furniture it does not matter to Wood Borer it will damage it for sure. Good borer or Bad borer whatever it is not good for your furniture at all. You have to take steps to prevent wood borer at early stage otherwise it will cost you more then Wood Borer control Treatment.
Lucky Pest Control is ready to save your valuable furniture from Wood Borer attack in very effective way. We provide permanent solution of Wood Borer control for all type of wood things including, Wooden Furniture, Picture Frame, Art Piece, paneling, etc made from wooden against wood borer infestation.

What Exactly Wood Borer is ?

Wood Borer has brown or black color with size of 2 to 7 mm which is quite small insect and generally resides in wooden structure. Wood Borer gives eggs in cracks and crevices of the wood. larvae which comes from eggs attack on wood for cellulose. This larvae makes hole in wooden surface to come out from it. It take about 3-4 years from larvae to wood borer, it is more then enough to destroy your wooden furniture completely. So, it should be wise step to identify larvae rather then Wooden Borer.

How to Identify the Wood Borer Infestation?

If you find any insect small in size and with white color and curved near any wood products then it is higher possibility of Wood Borer presence at your place. If you find undigested cellulose in form of dust discharged on floor then it is signal of Wood Borer presence. Existence of small and black colored insect in dead state near window, door or damaged wood furniture can be Wood Borer.

Small round or oval shaped holes in wooden surface is guaranteed evidence of Wood Borer presence. If you are not able to identify presence of Wood Borer. Don’t worry Team Lucky Pest Control is here to help you. We provide Wood Borer Control Service in Gujarat. We provide Wood Borer Control Service in Ahmedabad. Call us on 9825751070 for Best Pest Control Service in Gujarat.

How Lucky Pest Control hel you to get raid of Wood Borer ?

For permanent solution of Wood Borer first of all we clean wood products which are infected by Wood Borer then we inspect all wood products at site to determine area of infection. We use oil based chemicals to get raid of Wood Borer, chemical is injected into hall created by Wood Borer. For prevention we also inject chemicals on every wood based furniture.
We use chemical which is tested and effective against Wood Borer. We only use human and nature friendly chemicals which are also non or less toxic. But we recommend not to use any wooden product around 4-5 hours after treatment. Lucky Pest Control is well known name in Pest Control industry. We provide Wood Borer control service in Gujarat with best result at very affordable pricing.
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