Udhai Control Service

Udhai Control Service
Latin Name:Cryptotermes cavifrons Banks
Length:4 to 15 millimetres
Color:pale in color
Digestive Tract:Yes

Udhai Control Service by Lucky Pest Control

Udhai Control Service also known as Termite Control Service, White Ant Control Service, Ground-Nesting Control Service and Subterranean Termite Control Service.Lucky Pest Control is Gujarat’s No 1 Udhai Control Company. Lucky Pest Control use only odourless udhai control treatment or we can say smell less udhai control treatment. Chemical used by Lucky pest control is 100% safe for humans as well as environment as suggested by CIB (central insecticide board).

We always work according to ISI STANDARD. Lucky Pest Control Provide 100% Guaranteed result udhai control service in Gujarat at very affordable pricing with long time effect.Having more then 30 years experience in pest control industry, udhai control experts at lucky pest control knows best and effective ways to control udhai. We provide Udhai Control Service in Gujarat.

Call us on 9825751070 for free inspection at your residence or workplace and get Our unique and well designed Udhai Control Program today.

udhai control service
udhai control service
udhai control service

What is Udhai (Termite) ?

Udhai is also known as silent killer or we also can say sleeper sell ! Sounds strange but yes. Because It is very hard or next to impossible to determine presence of udhai or termite at early stage. This insect has tremendous destruction of valuable assets of your home including expensive furniture. One will fine presence of Udhai at home at almost when damage reaches at serious level. From that stage it will cost you a lot to repair or you lose it.

Udhai (Termite) like to eat everything made from cellulose including, Furniture, Door, Windows, Papers, Dry Wall, Card Board, Books, Tree, Plant Roots even money also ! So, regular inspection at your home by udhai control professional is must otherwise ready to pay a lot for repairs.

If you find any sign of presence of udhai or you want to become sure about absence of udhai then you must call udhai control service near by you. Lucky Pest Control is well known name in Pest Control industry as well as Udhai Control Field. Lucky Pest Control Provide Udhai Control Service in all over Gujarat.

How Lucky Pest Control work against Udhai (Termite) at your place ?

Our Udhai Control / Termite Control process has three steps. Lucky Udhai Control experts start with inspection. Our team inspect each and every place of your house, office, apartment or industry where there is highest chances of Udhai or Termite existence. Lucky Pest Control use infrared detection technology for best results. In second level our termite experts conforms and identifies existence of termite at your place.

In the last phase Team Lucky Pest Control sanitize identified places by injecting special odorless chemicals(smell less chemicals). We also use some other special Termite Control Techniques or Udhai Control Techniques specially developed under our Director Mr.Bharat Patel who has vast experience in pest control field. We use 100% qualified chemicals which are capable to kill termite and gives long lasting results and safe from humans and nature.

Lucky Pest Control use odorless/ smell less treatment for udhai which means no worry about unbearable smell of chemicals. Call us on 9825751070 and book udhai control treatment or termite control treatment for your place by best Udhai Control Company in Gujarat.

Lucky Pest Control Provides diffrent types of Udhai Control

  • Regular Termite Control Service
  • One Time Termite Control Service
  • Monthly Termite Control Service
  • Bimonthly Termite Control Service
  • Quarterly Termite Control Service
  • Yearly Termite Control Service

How Udhai damages to property

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