Rodent Control Service by Lucky Pest Control

Rodent Control Service by Lucky Pest Control

Rodent Control Service by Lucky Pest Control

Rodent or Rat or Mouse is very common insect we can easily find around us everywhere in home, office and even if at farm. One thing is very clear that rodents are not friends of humans as well as environment and they will never become friends of us. One report says that more then 10 million people died all over world because of diseases created by rodent or mouse or rat. Rodents can carry 40+ pathogens with them which are very dangerous for humans.

Rodent or Mouse or Rat look good only in TV show but if if you find them at your home, office, industry, shop, hospital, hotel, restaurant, school then it could be dangerous. So, never ignore presence of rodent at your place and call professional rodent control service near you. Lucky Pest Control provides rat control service with 31+ years experience in pest control industry. Our professional team is ready for rat removal from your place. Lucky Pest Control has own set of rat control treatment for best results. We offer rodent control service for Home, Apartments, Hotel, Hospital, Industry, Garden, Factory,etc places.

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rodent control service
rodent control service
rodent control service

Are Rodents, Mice or Rats are harmful to us ?

Rodent comes to your place in search of food and take some unwanted pathogens with it which is responsible for many decease like, Hanta Virus, mphocytic choriomeningitis virus (lcmv), salmonella, rat bite fever and well known decease plague. Mice removal from home is very important. These type of virus come by two ways from Rodents to humans. First one is bite from Rodent and second one is from food to which mice, rat or rodent came in contact with.

Population of Rodent growing at very high rats in India hence decease from Rodent is also increasing. Rodent has tendency to chew anything from surround, its teeth are capable to eat anything and continue to grow across their life. Rodents are capable to eat plastic pipes, electric wires, important files, bags, etc. It may cause some serious issue one day. So, Rodent Control is very important.

How to identify Rodents at home ?

As other pests Rodents also like to come out at night time. During day time they used to hide their self and come at night. So, night is the best time to check presence of Rodents at your premises. There are many other indications to identify presence of rodents as below,

  • Rodent generate odour that smells like ammonia, if u smell like this there may be Rodent or Rat at your home
  • Nest is most important sign of Rodent presence, it generally made from fabric and paper type of material
  • Dark trapped dropping near valuable is also good way to check presence of Rodent
  • Finding sign of bitings is easy way to detect rodent or mouse or rat at your place
  • Smears on the wall or surface it is strong evidence of Rodent presence at home
  • Hole or Bare at your place is very common sign of Rodent or Rat

Why do I need professionals to get raid of Rodents ?

The first thing you should do for rat control is seal all holes with more then 1 cm diameter at your place. Now it is tern of Rodent control service, you should call rodent control service company near by you for rodent removal. Ultrasonic repellent technique is very useful for commercial rodent control as well as home rodent control.

If you use any chemical which kills Rats, it may be difficult to find them after death and spread unbearable smell around you. In other hand professional rodent control service provider not only kill rodents but also wipe out infestation of the rodents from roots and prevents rodents from entering your place.

How Lucky Pest Control Service helps you to get raid of Rodents ?

In the first phase of rodent control service our rodent control professionals seal all possible entries from which rodents can enter to home. We observe behavior of rodents and according to it make unique Rodent Control Strategy or Rat Control Strategy or Mice Control Strategy. It includes rap box and trouble gum technology to trap and kill rodents as per requirements.

After completing rodent control treatment lucky pest control professional rat control team insure that there is no other rodent in premises. Lucky Pest Control does not use any poisonous chemicals and full fill all safety standards during Mice Pest Control. We provide Best Rodent Pest Control Service in All over Gujarat.

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