Mosquito Control Service by Lucky Pest Control

Mosquito Control Service by Lucky Pest Control

Mosquito Control Service by Lucky Pest Control

Mosquitoes are irritating insect which bites are too itchy and irritate us at night. There are 400 different types of Mosquitoes in India and have existence since dinosaur era. Mosquitoes have ability to carry viruses that are able to cause serious Mosquito virus deices including Malaria and Dengue. Mosquito-born diseases risk is very high in humidity weather. You can find Mosquitoes everywhere from Home to Office, Hospital to Hotel, School to Factory they are every where. There must be Mosquito treatment to save our loved.
Lucky Pest control is ready for Mosquito Control Service with best results and effective Mosquito Control in Gujarat. Team Lucky Pest Control is ready for Mosquito treatment at residence or at your work place with affordable pricing and guaranteed results. Still water is most common place where we can find Mosquitoes very easily like, Bathroom, Water Tank, Cooler Tank, Washbasin, etc.
It is easy to deal with Mosquitoes at small scale but when you are dealing at large scale Professional Mosquito Pest Control is must. Lucky Pest Control team use effective Mosquito control strategy. Special Pest like Mosquito requires special treatment and experience to deal with it.
After 31+ years experience in Pest Control Industry we have done detailed study about behavior of Mosquito and have different different Mosquito Treatment Strategies with assurance of result. Lucky Pest Control offers specialized Integrated Mosquito Management treatment at very affordable rates and guaranteed results.

Types of mosquito problem

Anopheles Mosquitoes :- It takes 6 – 10 days rising from egg to adult one. Female one is capable to give 60-130 eggs after a delicious human blood meal. Anopheles Mosquitoes are responsible for transmission of Malaria
Culex Mosquitoes :- Culex Mosquitoes are responsible for transmission of Japanese B Encephalitis, which is very dangerous type of brain fever. Usually these types of Mosquitoes bite at night and take rest after and before bite. Common place for Culex breed is stagnant water, unfortunately which you can find anywhere in India.
Aedes Mosquitoes :- This very different type of Mosquito then others. Generally this type of Mosquito being active at day time and breed in clean water human made containers like, flower pots, water container, etc. Aedes Mosquitoes are responsible for Chikanguniya and Dengue. It has quite repaid life cycle from eggs to Mosquito.
Mosquito control service
Mosquito control service

How to keep mosquitoes away from home ?

Best thing you can do for keep away mosquitoes from is stop breeding of mosquitoes and prevent them from entering in your home.

  • Check gutters and water gullies are not blocked
  • After evening keep doors and windows closed
  • Check drains are clean and running properly
  • Fit mosquito screens after windows
  • Cover water butts properly with lid
  • Do not leave standing water

How Lucky Pest Control helps you to get raid of Mosquitoes ?

There are many products available in market to kill mosquitoes. But, you need Professional mosquito control service for an established mosquito problem. Specially in peak session you must be sure that you and your family is protected from mosquitoes. Lucky Pest Control provide Mosquito Control service in Gujarat. Lucky Pest Control is best Mosquito Pest Control Company in Gujarat.

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