Cockroaches Control Service

Cockroaches Control Service
NameBlattella germanica
Colorvaries from tan to almost black
Length11 to 16 mm
SoundChirping Noise
Digestive TractYes

Cockroaches Control Service by Lucky Pest Control

Lucky Pest Control is name of quality and result oriented work. We an find Cockroaches almost every where in our house, at working place as well as at restaurant or hotel. You may heard your mother, sister or wife about different different home strategies to prevent Cockroaches. But truth is Cockroaches needs professional Cockroaches control services to get them remove from our house as well as life.

Having More then 31 years experience in Pest Control industry we know how to deal with Cockroaches and Cockroaches treatment in a better way other then 30 second television advertisement. Cockroaches are responsible for many types of diseases including, Typhoid, Food Poising, Diphtheria, Gastroenteritis, etc. It is also responsible for some serious allergies like Asthma, eczema, etc specially in urban areas.

Beyond health risks Cockroaches are also not good for premises. There are four types of Cockroaches which we can find easily around us are, American Cockroach, Australian Cockroach, Beetle Cockroach, German Cockroach. If conditions are good and there is good temperature which is in almost al over India then, Cockroaches can breed rapidly.
Prevention of Cockroaches at early stage is very important otherwise, they are capable to damage your property as well as can put your loved one health in danger. Lucky Pest Control has experts for Cockroaches Control services in Gujarat. Including Ahmedabad(Amdavad), Mehsana(Mahesana), Patan, Palanpur.

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Oriental Cockroach
German Cockroach
Brown Banded Cockroach
American Cockroach

Are Cockroaches harmful to us ?

Usually Cockroaches feeds on garbage and then enter to your house, which means they do not come alone. Cockroaches bring many other pest, bacteria and virus along with it which are capable to make you sick. Cockroaches come to your place in search of food and and leave many things including saliva, waste, shade skin, dead parts of thereof. when any human come in contact of such food where Cockroaches has visited chances of food poisoning,typhoid, dysentery, diphtheria, gastroenteritis and other infectious diseases become very high.
Beyond Cockroaches intolerable odour and a protein which are responsible for allergic reaction and respiratory related like Asthma, deices, eczema, etc. That means Cockroaches are able to make seek any age person whether he is child or teen age or senior citizen. That’s why Cockroaches harmful to us and its must be prevented by Professional Cockroaches Control Service like Lucky Pest Control Service.

Do I need professionals for Cockroaches Control ?

Like other Pests Cockroaches also breed rapidly and specially Indian conditions are good for their breeding. It simply means that day by day damage of Cockroaches on Human and Premises increases. Damage depends on how you prevent Cockroaches ? and what steps you take to Control Cockroaches ? Most importantly Cockroaches has find ways to save self from insecticide which we mostly use for Cockroach Prevention. So, we need some solid Cockroaches Control Techniques ans special Chemicals which is only possible by Professional Cockroaches Control Service Provider.

How to identify Cockroach infestation ?

Cockroaches live in creaks, cervices and drainage system at your premises. If you want to check whether your house is under attack of Cockroaches or not then night is the best time to check. Here some are techniques and tips by using it you can identify by your self.

Common places from where you can find Cockroaches are wash basin, bathroom, kitchen sink, washing area. You can find red or brown insect at these places, it is Cockroach.

Cockroaches produce unbearable odour, so if you smell something unusual and unbearable in your kitchen or places mentioned above then chances of Cockroach is very high.

If you find red or brown body parts or skin at your premises or in water then it very common sign of Cockroaches. Because A Cockroach discard its skin about 6 to 8 times throughout its lifetime.scattered, half eaten food and damaged food packages are also very obvious sign of Cockroaches at your place.

Cockroaches are like thief, they always leave some evidence of their existence it is just matter of search. We as a Best Cockroach Control Service Provider Company visits your place. Inspect every possible places where existence of Cockroach could be and make your home Cockroach Free.

How Lucky Pest Control helps you to Get Rid of the Cockroaches?

After having years of years experience Lucky Pest Control created a special treatment program to control Cockroaches. We inject some special odourless chemicals at suspected placed including, kitchen, bathroom, cabinet using syringe. So, there is no need to make all places empty for Cockroach Treatment.
This Cockroaches Control Treatment efficiently kills Cockroaches in very short time. All chemicals used are odourless chemicals that means there will be no irritating smell at all. Lucky Pest Control Team is ready to throw Cockroaches out from your premises and life as well.

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