RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL PEST CONTROL SERVICESExperienced and Skilled team to provide your home and office

Lucky Pest Control Services is a leading commercial and Residential pest control services provider in Gujarat, India. As a best pest control company in Gujarat Expert team know that every house is different from other. So, Lucky Pest Control Experts create customize treatment plan which suits best for you and gives best result in pest control.

Lucky Pest Control Highly Expert Team is ready to protect you from Termite (udhai), Cockroaches, Rodent, wood Borer, Mosquitoes, Bed Bugs, Bird and Weed with latest technology and process.Only odourless termite treatmentis used and no need to move heavy things during pest control process. We always works according to ISI STANDARD.

Team Lucky Pest Control is committed to deliver result oriented services at very affordable and cautious way to insure safety of premise and family.

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LUCKY PEST CONTROL SERVICES lucky pest control provides best pest control services in Gujarat to protect you and your loved one

It is very true that most dangerous disease spread via Virus & Bacteria. like, Corona Virus, Chicken Pox, Swine Flu, Bird Flu and many more which killed many people. In other words they are not good for us.

Team Lucky Pest Control Services with more then 31 years experience in the field of Pest Control Services is ready to protect you and your loved one from virus.

It is proven in many research that our Home is most polluted place. Yes, this is bitter truth its our home where everyone spend most of our time. When you observe closely in the house you will find Pest, Cockroaches, Ant, Termite(udhai) and Bacteria.

People often get in contact with them and chances of illness become extremely high.These all are very dangerous for our health as well as for our home and costly furniture.

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Our Pest Control Services

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What to Expect From Us

SINCE 1997, we have taken pest control seriously, and have thousand of satisfied customers to prove it. As a best Pest Control Service company in Gujarat we use the latest science and technology to test new and innovated products to protect your home with an effective plan suited to your specific needs.Our Pest Control Team is working under DPPGS. Director MR bharat patel(BSc AGRICULTURE WITH ENTOMOLOGY) has wast experience of pest control and fumigation services.

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What Makes Luckey Pest Control Industry Leader ?

  • 31 Years Industry Experience
  • Latest Equipment and Technology
  • Govt. Approved and Odourless Chemicals
  • Free Estimate
  • Budget Friendly Work
  • Safety of Premises and Family
  • Mosquito Control
  • Rochish Control
  • Bird Control
  • Termite Treatment (Udhai Control)
  • Wildlife Management.
  • Flea Control Ant.
  • Tick Control .
  • Marine Disinfection
  • Wooden Pallets Fumigation
  • Stinging Pests
  • Wooden Pallets Fumigation
  • Silo Fumigation
  • Marine Disinfection
  • Commodity Fumigation
  • Food Processing Machinery Fumigation
  • Mills Fumigation
  • Warehouse Fumigation
  • Ship Holds Fumigation
  • Agricultural Products Fumigation
  • Cargo Fumigation
  • Empty Container Fumigation
  • Shipping Container Fumigation
  • Ship Fumigation
residential pest control
commercial pest control

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Our Service Sectors


Place must be hygiene where we live and children play. We provide complete Pest Control Solution for Housing Society.

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They care for society and research in medicine, We make you sure about employee health and working area.

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Many Patients Visits Hospital daily so, it must be clean and hygiene we provide pest control service for hospitals.

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Many people visits mall daily to purchase stuff. It is high risk place. We make this place virus & bacteria free.

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Lucky Pest Control is ready to make it Virus and Bacteria free So, you can offer luxurious experience to your hotel visitor.

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Childrean visit school and collage daily thery can be infected easily. So, this places must be cleaned very well.

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Supply chains are backbone of production so, place must be hygiene and insect free.

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Lucky Pest Control work in Import-Export. We sanitize and fumigate commodity for import and export.

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Way of working in IT sector is different, experts of Lucky Pest Control Expert does pest control in different and unique way.

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We provide Pest Control Services to all type of commercial properties sectors to insure safety of family and employees.

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Custumer is our main and top priority we also value of your time. Hassles and world class customer service with outstanding work made us Best Pest Control Company in Gujarat

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What Client says about us


What is Pest and What is Pest Control?
A pest is any animal or plant which has a harmful effect on humans, their food or their living conditions
Which Chemical are used for Pest Control ?
Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids are the most common pest control substances.
Pest Control Prices
It depends on site where you want Pest Control
Do you provide free demo for Pest Control Service ?
Yes we do provide free demo for Pest Control Service
What is purpose of Pest Control ?
Physical pest control involves trapping or killing pests such as insects and rodents.
Are the treatments harmful for my children ?
No we use only harmless chemicals which are not harmful for childrean.
What is Pest Control Company ?
Pest Control Company is a team of professionals to provide best pest control services
What is average cost of Pest Control ?
It depends on which treatment you are going for
What are the packages of Pest Control ?
We have diffrent types of packages
Which is Best Pest Control Company in Gujarat ?
Lucky Pest Control is the best Pest Control Company in Gujarat
Which is Best Industrial Pest Control Service Company in Gujarat ?
Lucky Pest Control is the best Industrial Pest Control Service Company in Gujarat
Do you provide free demo for Pest Control Service ?
Yes we do provide free demo for Pest Control Service

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